Balancing Act

2 in, 3 out.  That’s how we’ve been rolling this year.  The big girls have been back at home this year and we only have a month left of this balancing act with the little two in our local public elementary school.


It’s been a redemption year for the bigs as so much needed time and energy has been poured into the littles over the last three years.  This reset has been a chance to give a little extra space and time to tend to my relationships with the bigs.  I’m so grateful for this time.


But summer is coming and the rascals will be joining us at home next year.  No way will next year be as easy as this year.  There will be time for many more fights and lots more to balance, but I’m ready to live a “one piece life”.

There’s only one more month left with my bigs at home alone.  I’m trying to soak it up. Bring on the coffee dates, the books, the documentaries and the slow mornings.  Because pretty soon, we’ll have company…..


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