In my earbuds…

There just aren’t enough hours in the day for all the podcasts I want to enjoy.  My gateway drug was, of course, Serial, but since then I’ve become obsessed with streaming content through my earbuds!

My gushing today is all about Jamie Ivey- She blogs every now and then at and her podcasts drop every Wednesday called “The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey”. jamie ivey

She’s a wife of a worship pastor, an adoptive mama who is a question-asker and loves to hear the deep and delightful stories of her guests.  The Happy Hour is an easy listen and recently I’ve been telling everybody to give it a try.These are a couple of my favorite episodes.

These are a couple of my favorite episodes.

Episode #68 with Jami Nato…..Jami speaks brutally honest about walking through marital hardships with such love and compassion for her husband.

Episode #13 with Annie Downs…..Annie actually went to college with some of our good friends and only until recently I have heard most about her through them. But Annie lives in Nashville and is one of the funniest people I’ve heard interviewed. She’s passionate about people and bringing the funny.

Episode #39 with Aaron Ivey….She’s so sweet with her husband!  He’s the only guy that’s ever on the podcast and their relationship is so fun. He’s been on a few times but this is the first.

Episode #42 and #43 with Emily Lex….of Jones Design Company.  I’ve loved her blog and insta for a while and it was cool to hear about her real life.


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