I usually don’t love surprises.  I’m a big time planner – even if those plans change. For me, some of the fun lies in the planning!

Last summer though I got a good surprise- I saw my Bennett fall deep in love with kids with special needs.  We were volunteering at our church’s VBS and one group had a couple of sweet girls in it that captured Bennett’s attention.  She was just a natural with them, and they gravitated toward her.


One little friend, Emma, has become special to Bennett. A gift of homeschooling is the opportunity to structure our schedule- so about once a month, Bennett will go to Emma’s to hang out to visit or help Emma at the pool.  She’s become an assistant for Emma at church so Emma’s parents can safely, comfortably drop her off in her own class, knowing that someone is there to look out just for Emma’s needs.

This gift of seeing Bennett’s heart grow in ways I didn’t expect has been one of the highlights of my year.  It is a joy to see my girl loving others well and using her gifts.  She’s also taught our family a lot about how to engage Emma and other friends with special needs.  I’m hoping for more surprises like this one.

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