Finally Friday 5.19.17

It’s finally Friday!  We made it through another week.   Here’s my finally Friday top 3…

  1. Naming the dog.  Most days we rotate houses after school for some friend and mama time to pass the 3pm-5pm hours.  This week much of the conversation swirled with names for Elizabeth’s dog.  Right now we’re on Teddy.  Isn’t he cute?eliz dog
  2.  Final Lifegroup of the year.  Nearly every Tuesday since September we’ve spent time laughing, talking, studying the Bible, sharing and praying with a group of friends.  This Tuesday was our final weekly meeting until we gear up again in the fall.  My personal highlight of the night was Nate and Dave’s impromptu “Summertime” a la Will Smith. We’re definitely kids of the 90s.  Long live Bieber Fridays, Kellog scoots, and icebreakers forever.fresh prince
  3. I scheduled dentists appointments for my kids with a new dentist.  Lifechanging right? But after the last cleaning, I wrote a check that felt like I was signing my soul away because the office was out of network.  That was 10 months ago.  Now I have all five scheduled for June 1 and can check off the background-noise-mom-guilt of neglected cavity-creating-teeth because bring on the Flouride and the pearly whites!  Glory!  dentist appt

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