Yes, thank you.

Every so often I’m going to post a “Yes, thank you” blog highlighting something that I love! Today’s “Yes, thank you” has given me hours of my life and saved me loads of money…Online grocery shopping at Harris Teeter.  I’m not even exaggerating. Because let’s be honest, my trips to the store don’t look anything like this:

store run

The app is my go-to throughout the week as I run out of items or hear my kids asking for something we don’t have.  (The website is clunkier in my opinion).  It remembers my previous purchases, shows me what’s on sale, keeps a running total of how much I’ve added to my cart so I can edit as the number gets too high (which gives me hope of ever staying on budget and makes me feel like a mom genius). I keep my credit card info on file, so literally, I just have to press a button and can drive up to the store. They load my groceries for me- no getting out of the car, no waiting in line, no impulse buys.  (<—Dave’s a fan of that too!)


There is an option for a year subscription to the service for $100 instead of the $4.95 per order which was a total no-brainer, so I use this service at least once a week but usually twice.  There’s also a delivery option but I’m not upgrading quite yet; I still like a quiet ride to the store…gotta take what I can get!

Want to change your life with online grocery shopping? Yes, thank you.

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