bathing suits

Bathingsuit season is here, y’all. It’s that time of year where I lose my mind trying to find something that I like for myself and also with 4 daughters, cue the drama.

tankini, midkini, bikini, sheesh.  Let’s bring back the bathing costumes of old.

bathing suits

In the meantime, my favorite bathing suit shop this year is Lime Ricki!  They have loads of options and styles and are high quality.  They have women of all shapes and sizes modeling their suits which I love.  And they are just fun!


I’m a fan of lots of color this year which is shocking my black-loving-Wednesday-Adams wardrobe.

Until the bathing costumes come back, I still spend cash on a cute cover up because that’s what I’m wearing most of the time around the pool……

cover up

Amazon actually has tons of cute options.  Hello, Prime!

And because we all need to laugh today, enjoy this little bathing suit video below comparing men’s suits to women’s.


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