Family TV

Remember Family Ties?

family ties
Alex P. Keaton for President 2020. Please.


Growing Pains?

Oh Kirk, be still my heart.

The Cosby Show? (withholding my comment about Bill, you’re welcome.)

The Cosby Show
Season 1 forever, who needs Sandra anyway?

When I was a kid, it used to be easy for my family to sit down together and watch TV some nights.  We all agreed, (meaning my Dad chose and held the remote aptly called “the power”) and we had a great time.

With our five kids spanning from 6 to 13, it can be challenging to find something everyone agrees on for family TV time.  Here’s where what we’ve enjoyed recently.

When the littles are around…

little big shots


Little Big Shots—Steve Harvey is actually hilarious and now Emmie thinks she can achieve stardom by just marketing her sassy strong personality. She’s going places, y’all.




Master Chef Jr.—These kids can cook like nobody’s business. Also, my kids now are racking up time in the kitchen spilling flour everywhere but hey, they’re making dessert so that’s awesome.


When it’s just the bigs…..

amazing raceThe Amazing Race— I honestly count this as homeschool geography sometimes. Not kidding. Plus it doubles as a sociology class on TV. What’s not to love? Plus Dave breaks out “reality Dave” where he put himself in the situation of the contestants and wins most competitions.  Every time we watch it, we’re reminded our marriage might not survive that social experiment.  And I’d probably get him fired at church.



30 for 30–This one came out of nowhere recently. I knew we were onto something when Camilla used the word victim in a sentence for spelling last month answering, “Nancy Kerrigan was a victim because she was bashed in the knee by Tonya Harding.” What can I say? Pop Culture is important to me as a homeschool mama.




What have y’all been watching lately?


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