Finally Friday, 5.26.17

After a soggy week, we’ve made it to Friday again!  Here’s my Finally Friday:

Women’s Care Team– Monday evening I ventured again across town to join a group of women from our church who meet together to pray for the various needs of members and friends.  It’s a space where any woman is welcome to come for prayer- to be heard, loved, cared for.  It’s a privilege to serve in this way.  Here’s a peek at my dear friend Melissa explaining this aspect of our ministry.

Harry Potter– Fantasy is not my friend. Not Narnia, not Lord of the Rings. I just didn’t get that gene.  I can appreciate from afar these works are excellent, but they just don’t capture me.  My kids, however, are a different story.

Camilla as Harry
Camilla as Harry Potter, scar-work by Celia
This week Bennett has logged nearly 700 pages and Camilla nearly 300 as they yet again delved into the magical world of Harry.  I love to see my girls’ hearts growing in their love of reading- future little bibliophiles!

Adoption Wine and Whine– Another once a month meeting I look forward to is an evening where adoptive mamas in our church gather to encourage one another.

wine night
No story the same, the way God has grown our families all different, our kids from 4 different continents, some home for nearly 20 years and some just months–but what unites us is the weaving of our families through adoption. There’s really no official agenda, just the need to share space, look into each other’s faces and answer the question, “what do you need to say tonight?”. This space is designed to be open and safe. We can share freely without fear and trust we’ll be met with care and understanding.  It is a gift to walk this road with friends who get it and get me.

Cheers to the weekend, friends!



One Reply to “Finally Friday, 5.26.17”

  1. Hear hear (here here?) to not getting into fantasy. Movies or books. BUT I will say, try Harry if you haven’t yet. I’m not sure I’m going to see the movies (again, so much… unrealism), but the books are kind of like all your childhood what-ifs come true. Just my opinion after reading them with Sam this weekend.
    I’m so so thankful for your whine & wine group. What a life-giving outlet! And I’m loving your new blog & these glimpses into your day-to-day. ♥️

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