There’s a lot a work to go around here at Casa Kulp. I’ve realized I’m excellent at creating systems to tame the madness and often terrible at follow through.  I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve brainstormed, typed, printed, laminated chore charts, only to fail miserably four days in.

chores clothes

Something shifted last year.  A friend shared with me the Amongst Lovely Things blog by Sarah Mackenzie-an excellent resource for those who love books and for mamas who love reading with their kids. It also has loads of other helps.

Carrie explained how she was working on what Sarah called her “family five”–just naming what made her family uniquely them- something they did just because of who they were not because they tried to do…the values that had been woven to become the fabric of their family.  I loved this and started taking the online class, Focus and Align.focus-align

After much brainstorming, I landed on our six. Nothing fancy or unattainable, just what we’ve grown to value as a family. Another friend quickly chalked a board for me to hang to keep these before my eyes.  To remind me of our family culture. From time to time I reassess our family choices to see how we are doing staying on track.

fam six

Living with my people, there are many opportunities to practice serving well- one way we do this everal times a day is chores (cue kids groaning everywhere). We’ve put these into practice the past year, with a few tweaks here and there and it has vastly improved our quality of life.

family chores 2017I just hang this printout on a clipboard in my kitchen so we can glance at it for reminders.  Don’t be fooled- we still have miles to go with serving joyfully, but we’re getting somewhere. We’ve maintained consistency with these everyday chores.  We have a big weekend chore push I’ll share another time, but this helps us build order and character as we strive to serve well.

*Here’s a link to our chore chart that you can tweak to be your own.  Chores .

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