What I learned May 2017

May flew by, and I can’t say I’m sorry to see it go. Bring on the slower mornings of summer.  Looking back at the month, here are a few things I learned.

I don’t actually like white wine.  It’s true.  I’ve known my wedding drink is a gin and tonic but I don’t want all that sugar during the week.  And in the warmer months, I just don’t want red wine.

gin dickens drink
The Gin Dickens.

So Dave made me what we call a Gin Dickens, after my grandmother.  It’s like a Gin Rickey without the club soda. I like to think of it as a classier version of Snoop Dogg’s Gin and Juice. Try it.

Walks on the greenway are a great family date.  We live in a city that values green space and parks.

ruth samuelson greenway
Oh Ruth, we miss you.

Friday evening we met some family friends and walked/scootered our way through a section of the greenway.

greenway date
Mr. Thad L. Tate, one of Charlotte’s earliest and most prominent African American business leaders

The weather was perfect, and Christian proved to be an excellent moving obstacle for the serious fitness enthusiasts of the city.  Kid almost took out about 6 bikers and 4 runners. He came out unscathed. Atta boy.


Documentaries are our new favorite. This month we watched one called The Drop Box Film about a man in Seoul who has worked to save hundreds of babies each year by installing a drop box for moms in crisis to deposit their bundles instead of abandoning them outside to perhaps freeze before being found.  In honor of Memorial Day, we watched the first episode of Five Came Back which shares the story of five highly acclaimed directors who left Hollywood to join the armed forces and tell stories of World War II. country soundMy personal favorite Country: Portraits of an American Sound showcases photographers who captured iconic musicians of country past and present.

That wraps my May. Cheers to you, June. You’re up next.


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