Finally Friday 6.2.17

Thanks to Memorial Day it’s been a short week but it does NOT feel that way.  Thank you, Lord, it’s finally Friday!

Dolly’s transition to CasaKulp continues.  The good– she’s sweet as pie and came completely housetrained! So far, no accidents.  She’s super soft and the kids can cuddle up to her. She mostly tolerates their well-intentioned hugs.

emmie dolly
Emmie and Dolly
The bad-She sneaks onto my bed at her first chance and sheds like nobody’s business. My mama warned me about this but we plowed through.  So now thanks to Dolly I have the most-vacuumed floors in all of Matthews.

dolly bed
The ugly-She’s not a fan of the crate.  (Understatement.) So leaving her at home with Colonel means returning to hunt for what surprise she left us. So we’re trying some new tactics for leaving sweet girl home with the Colonel. Pray for us.

dolly destruction
Dolly versus the crate.  
Pseudo-summer. The little kids have one more week of school, so for this week and next, the bigs have only to accomplish math, grammar, and reading.  That means I’m getting loads of book time.

I pretend my backyard looks like this.
This feels like two glorious weeks before the Kulp chaos is back in full effect. We are soaking up the quiet and prepping for what our summer will look like. There’s always more fun and more noise when everybody’s home, but it clearly affects my book game.


Book Love. Speaking of books, this week I ventured across town to enjoy some bookish fun with some like-minded ladies.  We chatted books we love and some not so much.

book club
Never enough time…
I left with a massive TBR list and a deep appreciation for the way connections come through rich conversation over words on a page.  It felt totally indulgent and good for my soul.


How did your week shape up?

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