Should-less days

Ellen Burstyn introduced me to the name. Of course, the concept was super familiar seeing as how I’d spent many should-less days in my college years. But back then it was without intention- mostly just skipping class because I was

I had a whole string of should-less days a couple of years ago when all five kids were in various schools across town- It was basically how I recovered from the PTSD of adoption. I honestly think I laid down for the first 6 weeks.  No lie. Maybe that’s why there is hardly anything on Netflix that interests me anymore- I’ve seen it all. Processed with VSCOcam with 5 preset

Now a should-less day is a gift to my mind and my home.  It’s so hard for me to not feel guilty if I’m home for a length of time and not being productive.  Always laundry, cleaning, organizing, errands piling up, bills to pay- the mental clutter can’t be tamed- but on a should-less day, I can reframe my responsibilities.  I’m not procrastinating, per se, I’m intentionally setting them aside to do the things that will nurture my soul.  tea book

Today there are no shoulds.  It is entirely should-less. I should fix my little two a healthy lunch but instead I’m going to toss in cold pizza, chips and grapes. I should vacuum the schoolroom but instead I’m going to light a candle and read.  I should workout but instead I’m going to pile on the sofa with my kids and watch a movie.  I should fold three loads of laundry but instead I’m going to take a walk.

It will be there tomorrow.


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