My double dip podcast

I’m not a big re-reader of books. There’s just too many on my TBR list for goodness sake. And I’m even less likely to double dip a podcast.  There is one exception to this rule:

Jen Wilkin’s Raising an Alien Child


Jen actually has several talks from her Flower Mound Bible Study webpage


Several friends attended the Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference in 2016, and this was the talk most said was the truly impactful.

In Jen’s words:

So much of parental decision-making can focus on helping our kids “fit in.” But 1 Peter 2:11-12 calls believers to live as aliens and strangers, in such a way that our unmistakably strange lives bring glory to God. As Christian parents, our greatest hope for our children is that they would grow to know, love, and serve God with everything they have. But those who grow to know, love, and serve God with everything they have don’t blend in. This podcast examines six key areas in which we can help our children trade the comfort of “fitting in” for the calling of standing out.

Each listen has my heart nudged back to the center of the path as I’m prone to wander off towards the world.  I want to live like an alien sometimes, but honestly its convicting because I just want to fit in too.  I want my kids to have good friends and look normal, whatever that is.img_1628.jpgWhat choices am I making for our family that pushes us towards loving this world more than loving Jesus? Where am I sacrificing biblical truth for 2017 standards? Oh Mary, repent, repent, repent. So encouraging is this word- so gracious is our Savior that he patiently calls us to return to him. How he loves us.

Give this a listen.

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