Finally Friday 6.9.17

The glorious weather these last few days have been a gift and I’ve wanted the days to slowly pass. Nevertheless, it’s finally Friday and time for a recap.

Teachers are personally responsible for the uptick in trash and recycling all around the country this week as they sent home loads of clean-out-the-classroom projects and papers no one really cares about.  I ooh and ahh (sometimes) and then straight to the file box (trashcan). BUT, this guy made the cut to go on a wall.  Here’s Christian’s hope for summer fun.  I think we can make this happen, buddy.

christian swims
“I just want to swim.”-Christian Peter Kulp, 7

Miss Dolly is learning some manners thank goodness.  I wasn’t too sure we were keeping this girl, but she’s pulled it together.  She’s stolen not one but two beds from the Colonel, who gets back at her by trying to “hug” her when she least suspects it- and we finally heard her voice last night when she told Colonel she doesn’t play that way.

creepy eyes dolly
creepy eyes Dolly trying to recover….

I also found this gem in Christian’s writing journal.  Mama’s proud.

dolly story
Dolly Portan sings Jollin. She sure does bud.

Our bus stop friends had an impromptu popsicle tailgate action yesterday.  I love these little people and the families they represent.

busstop crew
I love these little people.


Even though we won’t be on the bus next year, we will most definitely wander towards the bus stop most school days to connect. The regular bits of time spent waiting for the bus have knit my hearts to my neighbor-girls.

Nora. This kid dances to the beat of her own drum. She wins. 

We’ve celebrated lost teeth, endured 3-year-old tantrums, encouraged forgiveness among our kids.  There is no replacement for them.


All in all it was a pretty fabulous week.  How was yours?

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