the shop owner

Being married to an artist, I felt confident that many of our dates would be centered around art- we’d go to museums, set up easels outside, and I’d glean all kinds of wisdom from my man.  In reality, I painted once with him, a city scape of candles (why did I choose that?) which was truly horrific.  Thankfully he’s passed on his artistic abilities to our girl.

made for design card 1
My parents with all of the grandkids.

Celia spent most of December doodling Christmas cards for some of our friends and we were blown away. These made sweet gifts to some her favorite babysitting families.  The attention to detail is always my favorite.  She has a way of capturing facial expressions that crack me up.

made for design card 2
My brother, the beef jerky, Cheez-it loving ER doc catching up on my zzzz’s.

Then she moved on to drawing homes for friends moving away.  She’s been receiving requests from more friends to do more, so she and Dave opened an Etsy shop. made for design 3

made for design house

Some of Dave’s watercolor work is available and he has options for custom orders as does Celia. My favorite of Dave’s recent watercolors is a series he’s painted of beards for friends.  And a fish I just had to have in my kitchen.made for design beard
made for design 2

I’m so impressed that my 13 year-old has a thriving business!  I love even more that art has connected her heart to her Daddy. He is a thoughtful teacher that knows just how much to push her and what feedback will encourage her. He’s leading her so well in this newest endeavor and I couldn’t be more proud!

Support my people and check out their store!

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