Chores 2.0

Don’t you wish that Alice lived in your guest bedroom? AliceAlways on hand to help cook, clean, problem solve. God Bless Carol Brady. She was living the dream.

And isn’t it amazing how having your kids home all the time makes your house exponentially messier? The days of summer mean more creating, more snacks, more clothes changed, more kitchen spills, and often times more mama meltdowns. How do we tame the beast?

crafting chaos
Sometimes I tell my kids I’m allergic to crafting. 

After my post-adoption summer when I tanked and we sent all the kids to school, one major benefit was after cleaning the house it stayed clean for hours on end. No one was there to mess it up for 8 straight hours. Glory! But now that everyone is back homeschooling and add on top of that, summer,  the house can go from clean to chaos in the blink of an eye.  messy house

After  Bennett was born, my dear mama gifted me with a year’s worth of housecleaning, easily in my top 3 gifts ever. I ask for it every year. Someone would come once a month, wrangle the chaos and it truly felt like a reset. I was a new woman and could tackle the world.clean house

The more kids we’ve added the family, the harder it’s been to keep the house clean in between times, so a few months ago we adopted the “Lindsay-Dyer-child-labor-method of cleaning”. Life has been looking up ever since.

Here’s the deal: We made cards with chores on one side and numbers on the back.

chore game 2.0
Guess which one they all hope to avoid?

Each Saturday (or now typically Friday afternoon) we lay out the cards number side up.

chore game 1
See, now I pretend it looks like a fun game.

Each child chooses from each row and that’s their portion.  Each week the kids end up with a different set to keep it interesting.bennett choresBeing in a family means helping out. Now, after only about an hour or so, the house feels much cleaner, my kids are growing in grit, and we can sleep in longer Saturday morning. Everybody wins.


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