Mid-may many of our neighbors start to disappear in the afternoons. Our bus-stop friends can’t play in the after school. Swim team.

photo from Jen at Sardissharks.com

Now we tried this out years ago, and I realized swim team is not for the faint of heart. Maybe I don’t rank incredibly high on the highly sensitive person test, but swim meets mean near stimuli-overload seizure-like experiences for me.

image from vogue.com

Feels a little like a rave. I just can’t.

Then we tried dive team. It’s like a big exhale. Seriously dive meets are like golf tournaments. Everyone is hushed.

It’s so chill, you can actually read.

There’s no bass-thumping music (which I totally dig, but not with 500 of my swim team families while trying to wrangle my littles). It’s beautiful. Huge fan.

dive meets > swim meets.

We have another one tonight and weather-permitting, Bennett will showcase her stuff.

dive 1

In our opinion, dive team is the only way to go.

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