Yes, thank you

I have a thing for infomercials.  The Firm. Proactiv. Fluidity. George Foreman Grill. Even Bare Minerals before it was mainstream. MTV’s the Grind hip hop aerobics.  mtv-the-grind-workout-vhs-600x533Dave actually has finally put the kibosh on them. Talk about practicing submission.

Then I turned to internet subscriptions but I’d ALWAYS forget to cancel. Fabletics. Grove Collaborative (still love them). Prep Dish. Audible. I am a marketing department’s dream.

So you can imagine my joy when a friend turned me on to a FREE monthly subscription, no strings attached. It was too good to be true.

Enter Hoopla Digital.

Each month a subscriber has 6 downloads from any of the categories…audiobooks, movies, tv shows, music, e-books.  All you need is a library card to set it up. And you pray to God that you live in a county whose library system partners with Hoopla (Most do.)  It’s like magic.

Some of my recent faves…

ginny moon loving astronaut leavers

Want a free subscription that will change your life? Yes, thank you.

Seriously, Hoopla changed my life. Give it a try.



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