Finally Friday 6.16.17

Well, this was the first official week of summer at CasaKulp, and we eased into it the best we could.

Laying low was my biggest priority this week and establishing a summer flow. Transition has been rocky for everybody this week. But here’s our aim….Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 7.18.49 AM

I gotta tell you I’m still a big fan of room time. My extreme extroverts need to learn how to be alone and my introvert needs some quiet.

My brother proved himself to a champion gift-giver. He found these gems on eBay and had my mom bring them up this week. 8track

Now we just need to find an 8 track player.  Thank you, Ben!

Dolly has perfected the Dolly-knot sleeping strategy and continues to settle in. She still sheds like a maniac and I found a website that suggested saving her angora-like fur and spinning it into yarn to knit sweaters. No thank you. dollyknot

It was a pretty good first week. We’re heading into Father’s day and I’m looking forward to celebrating my man.  Happy Friday, y’all!

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