hey there, trauma

The first few weeks of summer are always a little messy.  It takes time to downshift to new routines, settle into family relationships when school doesn’t provide space, and let go of the friends seen every day for the last nine months.  icecreamBut for me, as a child, I can only remember counting down until the first day of summer break.  I was off the charts extroverted as a kid and summer meant ice cream, bike rides, and the beach.

So when the school bus pulled up last Friday for the final day of school, I was shocked when my boy was a mess of tears getting off the bus.  He said he’d cried since the bus lot. Christian schoolTransition is just a lot harder for him and yet again it was clear to me I’d miscalculated the lingering effects of trauma.

My curly girl was all delight exiting the bus, but this past week has been tough for her. She finds herself angry and tantruming daily.emmie schoolShe’s loving the extra home time but can’t seem to get a grasp on regulating herself. It’s kicked up to a whole new level.  Each summer it’s been like this for Miss Em. She finds her way back to herself, but it takes time.

I confess I often don’t have the patience required to love them in their transition. My heart wants to rush them to normalcy instead of slowing to be where they are. Somehow I still forget the lingering effects of all of their moving around in their early years. Letting go of daily relationships is extra-difficult for them. They’ve said way too many goodbyes in their short lives.

chris em summer

I’m grateful that in the midst of all of the change we are loved by a God who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. No matter where we are He’s present and faithful.  I’m praying these little hearts settle in quickly for the summer and know his steadfast love. The Lord will continue to teach me to meet them where they are and bring peace to all of our hearts.


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  1. Oh so many adjustments and graces needed in adoption! So thankful your family has the ultimate grace from our great Father of love! Loving and praying for you!


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