what kind of beach mom are you?

People watching is one of the best parts of a beach week. Here are a few of the moms we’ve been seeing this week.

Resort-wear beach mom– big floppy hat, sunglasses, cocktail, with a large straw bag clad in all the pink and lime south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Tired-toting mom– carrying all the bags, buckets and beach chairs while the kids race her up the beach pathtoting momSun screening mom– keeping 15-minute liberal sunscreen applications on point to protect her sun-loving kiddos

Inappropriate bathing suit mom– showing a little too much skin for the family friendly beach days, reliving those glory days of yesteryear.

Sand-loving mom– drip castle building, up to your neck burying mom who schools her kids in the ways of sandcastle masterpieces. sand castleBeach walker-power mom– the beach mom who is so tan she’s almost purple with bright blonde hair killing it on her daily walks

Book-reading beach mom– zoned out, enjoying kids from afar, sitting in a chair and soaking up the rays (I’m a bit partial to this one.) book momWater-playing mom– challenging her kids to boogie board contests and body surfing

Photo-taking mom– chasing kids around with a large lens camera, getting the best angle of her precious kiddos

I can be (almost) any of these mom’s depending on the day, and I’m loving our time at the beach!



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