Camilla’s July picks

My 9-year-old loves books. She reads everywhere. At her sister’s writing group, at a dive meet, in waiting rooms.

She won’t go to the grocery store without a book (or two) with her. It’s a joy to watch her at all times of the day absorbed in a book. So, for a new series, I’ll periodically ask Camilla to recommend a few.

muggie maggie

Muggie Maggie by Beverly Cleary.  Muggie Maggie is a 3rd grader that cannot read or write cursive and doesn’t want to learn until her teacher names her the class message monitor delivering messages throughout the school. Sometimes she looks inside the letter but she cannot read the cursive messages but does recognize her own name and she’s very curious about what it says. This book is about how she tackles that problem. Some books are hard to get into, but this one is a book that you never want to end.

lemonade war


The Lemonade War (Series) is a collection of books about brother and sister, Evan and Jessie Treski, who have to learn to get along. Smart sister Jessie is skipping a grade and will be in Evan’s class and he is not happy about it. The first book in the series is all about a lemonade stand contest. The relationship between Evan and Jessie reminds me of my sisters and brother. I love that there are several books in this series.


auggie and me


Auggie and Me by R. J. Palacio is the sequel to Wonder which I loved. It is actually three books in one. My favorite part is the Julian chapter because he goes to his grandmother’s house and she tells him a story about surviving the Holocaust. What she shares impacts Julian and makes how treats Auggie. It’s a sad book but I really loved it.


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