Anne Bogel=Kathleen Kelly

Literary Matchmaking. Who knew this was a thing? Anne Bogel, the internet’s Modern Mrs. Darcy, has changed my reading life. Her podcast, What Should I Read Next, was my gateway drug to the podcast world. books-coffee-table-flowers-brightly

Her guests share 3 books they love, 1 they hate and what they are currently reading and she gives 3 suggestions. Her picks are on point. She’s a crazy prolific reader. It’s like having Kathleen Kelly in my earbuds. kathleen kellyI’m a huge fan!

There’s simply not a bad one out there in my opinion. Here are a couple I really enjoyed.

Episode 84: You Know You’re a Serious Reader When….

Episode 63: Books So Good You Forget You Have a Phone

Episode 59: Prescribing Books for What Ails You

And in this one, her 9-year-old daughter is her guest. It’s the book

If you are looking for a book rec, this needs to be first stop. Try it out.


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