summer school

Year-round schooling is my jam. For real.

We are gearing up for our 2017-18 school year. This is our last full week of summer and while we are soaking up the fun, we are also prepping for what’s next.

I choose to follow a year round schedule because it makes all of our lives easier. Seriously. Here’s our yearly breakdown.

  • Summer session: July 24-Aug 4
  • Fall 1: Aug 28-Sept 29
  • Fall 2: October 9-Nov. 17
  • Advent: Nov 27-Dec 15
  • Winter 1: Jan 8-Feb 9
  • Winter 2: Feb 19-March 29
  • Spring: April 9-May 25

The mini-summer session allows us to have 10 full weeks of vacation throughout the school year and still get in enough teaching weeks. Doesn’t work for everybody, but I need the big breaks!

The kids honestly don’t mind the summer session- it’s just 2 weeks of setting down the basics so when we begin in August everybody’s ready to go.

So this week I’m working out all the plans and trying to get my brain in gear. Working on our group work has my brain spinning but I’m almost there. Trying to put finishing pieces together.

It will be a big change this year having everyone home but I’m really looking forward to living a one-piece life, not scattered trying to keep all the plates spinning. I’m clearly not imagining an easy year ahead but I’m grateful we’ll get to do it together!

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