LeCroix or LeKulp

I dig carbonation. It’s my jam.  I’ve never liked plain water unless I’m exercising. I’ve been known to crack a beer before lunch just so I can have some bubbles. A few years ago I let my Diet Dr. Pepper habit die a slow death, giving way to LeCroix instead. So imagine my delight when Dave bought me a Soda Stream. I only wanted to use it for the water, definitely not the flavors. A friend said she used hers every now and then and it lasted her more than 6 months. Mine lasted about 10 days.

seltzer water

Clearly, I couldn’t keep up that habit. So Dave talked me into an idea for our second refrigerator.

Enter: LeKulp. He rigged a shelf so I could have a keg of homemade seltzer water. We refill the big tank about once a week and are still using the $20 carbon dioxide tank, still kicking almost a year later. It’s classy y’all. What can I say? I have seltzer water on tap, and I couldn’t be happier or more hydrated.

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