My curly-headed wonder

Truvy Jones is my hero. But my dream goes way beyond my affinity for Dolly Parton.

truvy big hair
Steel Magnolias
Truvy was my gateway drug for big hair. I loved the idea of styling hair all day long. Little did I know that this would become my side gig. I hit the jackpot with 4 daughters with 4 different hair types. Light brown and curly, red and wavy, dark blonde and straight, dark brown and curly/kinky.  emmie curly stretchMy big girls have hair I had plenty of experience with—white girl hair. Stressing over shampoos and conditioners, styling products did not lead me to scour the internet for what would work best for them. Then came along my sweet curly headed wonder. emmie mooseHer hair is a dream itself but I am still playing catch up trying to learn how best to care for it. She’s biracial and her first year was with plenty of black hair care and then the two years before she came home she was with white mamas- so we faced lots of hair rehab.

My most recent hair guru is Whitney from Naptural85. Almost every day, I’m watching one of her videos about how to style or condition or wrap natural hair. Whitney has type 4 curls …

image from Adunni Organics
My Emmie has a combo of 3C-4a hair. So Whitney’s wisdom has been invaluable!  My recent obsession has been figuring out how to wrap Emmie’s hair at night so that her sleepwrap stays put and she doesn’t wake up looking like Bruno Mars.

 This is our current method for days we need to wash and condition her curls.(without the cornrows)

This is our current method on days her hair is dry.

Much love and respect to mamas of curly headed girls!  These curls are no joke but totally worth it! And I get to pretend to be Truvy.

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