What I learned in July

1) I’m an INFJ. Without a doubt. I tested as an ENFP in highschool because I answered each question with how I thought I should be. Not how I actually am. This fits me to a T. What are you?

2) The flowers I put in the kid’s easter baskets from the Target one spot actually grew. I am beyond shocked.

target flowers

3) I’m never buying shave gel again because Suave Conditioner works just as well.

4) Braiding Emmie’s hair will help it grow because it prevents tangles and breakage, and Celia is way better at it than I am.

celia braids emmie

5) Being on a Launch Team is fascinating. Loads of offline emails go back and forth to to coordinate a media push. Reading People by Anne Bogel is a great read and I’ll be reviewing it soon. It is *so* good.

bogel launch team

6) Never shop for eyeglasses alone. I’m usually incredibly decisive but I spent 30 minutes in Warby Parker in a daze. I ended up texting at least 17 images to Dave. I wanted to be all sly and cool about it but by the end, I was basically face-timing with him. I landed on these.

Chelsea by Warby Parker

Can y’all believe tomorrow is AUGUST? What on earth will we learn?


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