Looking for Lovely

Her bio line reads “a huge fan of bands with banjos, glitter, her community of friends, boiled peanuts, and football”. How could I not love her? Annie Downs is pure gold. She’s a Georgia girl I first heard stories about from my dear friends Jake and Melissa Hunt. They were college buddies and the Hunt stamp of approval speaks volumes to me.


Though she’s written several books, I have only read one and it proved powerful. Looking for Lovely spoke my language right to my heart. Annie weaves humor and truth with vulnerability that encourages introspection. She shares openly about struggling with hurt, heartache, and how the Lord met her in the midst. She writes about her friends, her fears and learning to be faithful in even the small. She tackles head on her fight against the “broken crazy”, what it’s like to stare it in the face and trust the Lord in the darkest places.

This book hit me as a “me, too” book. I saw myself reflected in many of her pages and she named things for me that had been floating nebulous in my mind for years, putting shape and form to struggles. This book left me wanting to collect my lovely, the moments I see Jesus at work. Sitting on the back porch with a fresh pot of flowers blooming, listening to Red Mountain Music sing truth, wedding dancing.

Try this. It’s a quick read or a fabulous listen- Annie narrates the audiobook and her Georgia accent should be the only one welcome in any sound booth.  Thanks, Annie for showing us how you found lovely and for encouraging us to do the same.


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