wanna hang out?

Paper plate awards. Did y’all ever do these? After each trip taken, my youth pastor would scribble down a faux award to present to each kid. The summer of 7th grade, I earned the “events-coordinator award”. I’ve craved community as long as I can remember and would manipulate all kinds of circumstances to gather my friends for fun.

Not much has changed. I still want time with my crew. But life’s circumstances require much more finagling nowadays.  My everyday energy is spent wrangling my kids and responding to their needs, playing games, training hearts. After their bedtimes, I just want to collapse in a cocoon of solitude. But truthfully, a lot of the time I’m lonely.

friend alone

If I’m not careful I let my exhaustion steal my friendships.  I used to be a master initiator, but with each year I have less and less energy to reach out, invite, meet up. I know that seasons change, and one day I’ll have more band width to engage my people. In the mean time though, I’ve got to figure out a way to connect.

Is it Voxer? A quick text? A staccato-conversation over a playdate? An early morning walk? A give-the-kids-too-much-TV-afternoon so I can stare in the face of my friend with minimal interruption? I heard about this friendtimacy quiz and it proved helpful for me to evaluate how well I’m loving my friends- sure it’s not gospel truth on friendship but the questions encouraged consideration of how I’m holding up my end of the friend bargain. friendtimacy talk

So dear friends-whether you are near or far, you are loved. Know that I’m fighting hard to be intentional in this season of life and I’m beyond grateful for each of you! I have to trust you are in the thick of life as well and we’re all just doing our best. Cheers to you my people. You have my heart.


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