Finally Friday-summer school update

We did it. Two weeks down and we are working hard to find our flow. So far it looks a lot like this.

  • mama wakes up early because I need the quiet
  • everybody needs to wake up by 7:30
  • breakfast, bedrooms, morning chores
  • 8:30 gather for morning time
  • 9:30 split up for individual work or mama time (bigs to kitchen or various corner of the house to avoid noise of littles and littles to sunroom table)
  • I work through youngest to oldest for mom rotations and kids can play when finished
  • lunch time around noon and some read aloud time
  • head to the pool or a park before back home to chill before dinner

The favorite lesson this week was Wildflower Bingo followed by nature journal.

nature study millanature study celia

I’m super proud of the kiddos. No one was excited about summer school but I really think it will add value to our school year by helping us jump off strong August 28. We are all pumped it’s finally Friday and ready for three more weeks of summer!


3 Replies to “Finally Friday-summer school update”

  1. Cute drawings! I’m trying to get my son into doing the nature journals but we always tend to forget about it. Do you do it daily or weekly?


    1. We just do it once a week. The past couple of weeks we played bingo on Tuesday and used a card for drawing on Thursday. My hope is to give them eyes to see and encounter nature. I’ve never been the best at nature journaling, so this felt like a victory! Have you checked out Julia Rothman’s Nature Anatomy? It’s my inspiration this year. Good luck! I’d love any tips you find that work for you!


      1. Thank you, I’ll check out Julia Rothman’s Nature Anatomy. So far, we were only able to do nature journaling when we go out on trips.


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