Breathing space 

This faux fall weather wins for the best part of the week so far. Dave came home last night after a work trip, and I scooted out for some fresh air and quiet. Armed with my current read, I headed to Stumptown Park and sat on an uncomfortable metal bench nestled in the corner.

I sat still and quiet for so long. I honestly don’t do this enough. Why do I submit endlessly to my to-do list, barking orders to my kids, schlepping laundry up and down the stairs, rarely jumping off the hamster wheel?

After about an hour I texted: Grab some popsicles and throw the kids in the car. We all needed this. Quiet. Green space. It’s not perfect- it’s not even all that pretty but it’s close. And it’s ours.

Sure it wasn’t a perfect night, but we stepped away. We broke out of the routine that I painstakingly follow trying to create the order we need to survive because sometimes we something more.

Fresh air, strawberry popsicles and a chance to exhale.

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