Withhold nothing. Never hide. Admit your worst. Explore your pain. Celebrate the good. Speak truth. Acknowledge the answer. Praise the Father. Uphold my sister. Be known. triad ocean

13 years we’ve lived in Charlotte. 13 years of prayer triads. Some names and faces have rotated in and out, but my heart has been held and supported through intentional time of prayer with a group of three to four women committed to each other. These women know my ugly, my crazy, my broken, my pain. They’ve seen grace and strength and victory and answers. These women have prayed for me when I lacked words or desire.

There is no magic formula. Time and vulnerability wove our hearts together, but prayer was key. A commitment to be honest buried my roots deep in the Queen City. With no family in town, these friendships became that for me. The Lord used this space to teach me how prayer changes my heart more than my circumstances. Choosing to make time in spite of life circumstances, job changes, babies, adoptions, moves….this has been a place of safety.

triad coffee

Look for your people. Commit to spending time praying together. And be realistic. Not every triad looks the same, and it takes time to know if it’s the right fit. But try it. Weep with them, rejoice with them, share life with them, pray with them. The Lord promises to work through community and for me, prayer triads are unmatched for fostering depth in relationship that point me to Jesus.


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