I don’t and I’m not

A friend of mine always says it’s helpful to explain something by stating what it is not. Somehow defining the negative helps clarify and nuance what actually is. Sometimes it’s what’s left out that makes it interesting.

Negatively defined.


I don’t:

  • like small talk
  • eat muffins or pastries
  • hate mayonnaise
  • sing in the shower
  • enjoy sci-fi or fantasy (not Narnia, LOTR, Harry Potter, Star Wars, superheroes)
  • go to bed without putting the pillows where they belong on the sofa
  • ride shotgun if I can help it
  • shy away from conflict
  • send food back at restaurants
  • listen to the radio
  • walk my dogs regularly
  • enjoy fancy restaurants
  • like the mall
  • get embarrassed easily
  • like movies where people look dirty (I guess I have lots of opinions on movies)

negative camera

I’m not:

  • good at baking
  • a details person
  • opposed to tattoos
  • a fan of roller coasters
  • a night owl
  • into hiking or camping, but I love a good porch
  • indecisive
  • great at celebrating
  • Slow to open up
  • the type of mom I thought I’d be
  • pro-choice
  • pro-Trump
  • spontaneous
  • a crafty mom
  • going to finish a book if I don’t like it
  • sitting out when there’s a chance to dance

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