perfect parenting

I guess I saw it first most clearly with Truman. So I showed it to my big girls last week. “The Truman Show” (did you know it’s on Hulu?).


We watched Jim Carrey’s choreographed life play out on the screen and like any good Presbyterian mama would, I launched into a discussion about the sovereignty of God and the free will of man. They honestly were most likely just as confused as before, but it made us think.

perfect little world
I also finished Perfect Little World by Kevin Wilson, a novel about ten families who join a communal experiment to raise their children as equal co-parents. The director of the group attempts to create the best environment for the children and tries to control everything in order to ensure harmony and perfection. The meat of the book deals with parenting philosophies and social norms. 
Both Truman and this book deal with an issue that has been worked into my psyche lately. I’m calling it the Tom Queen Philosophy of Principles and Methods because he shared it during Sunday School not too long ago. Also, he’s way smarter than me so I’m going with it. 
We all tend to have similar principles and goals in parenting (or most things for that matter)- to raise healthy children who sleep through the night, eat well, love learning, appreciate art, are kind, healthy, informed citizens, etc…… To make matters confusing there are seemingly endless methods we can employ to strive toward these goals.  Tom points out that we tend to judge other people when their methods are different than ours, even if our principles are the same. I’m finding this true in so many areas!
Education. Extra-curriculars. Dating. Cell phones. Budgeting. The list goes on and on. Where do y’all do this? I know it’s not just me.
If you’re into thought-provoking reads that stir these themes- you’ll like this one. Most likely you won’t agree with the Infinite Family Project’s methods, but perhaps some of its principles.

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