music appreciation by Netflix

The soundtrack of my childhood?

run dmc

Run D.M.C. Ice Cube. Beastie Boys. The Fat Boys. Kid’n Play. Kool Moe Dee. Digital Underground. De La Soul. Queen Latifah. Young MC. Missy. Heavy D. Fresh Prince. Salt’n’Pepa. Pac. Biggie. Diddy. Arrested Development. The Fugees. Dre. Snoop. Eminem. Jay Z……

ice cube

For better or worse, I grew up loving all things hip hop. I would sneak tapes out of my brother’s room and try to memorize everything I could. Then Columbia House changed my life with buying countless cd’s for a penny. It was too good to be true.


Now I can pass on my love to my girls. Celia and I started Hip Hop Evolution, the four part documentary, on Netlix. It is fantastic but definitely, ahem, informative.

Watch it. It’s our August music appreciation class. Boom. School. Done.

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