Middle of the night

Every night I go to sleep and wonder how the next 8 hours will go. Will I see my littlest? Is someone going to get sick? Will the dogs be loud? Will I rollover and just not be able to go back to sleep? 

My new norm is becoming the 3-5 wake time. I just roll over and my eyes won’t close- I’m not anxious and my mind isn’t racing, I’m just awake. 

More and more I wonder how am I supposed to spend that time? Lay there? Read? Go downstairs and just have coffee and start my day? 

Does this happen to y’all? What is your coping strategy? Inevitably for me, it results in three cups of coffee and a 45 minute power nap later in the day. Vicious cycle. 

Last night was musical beds and a 4:15 start so bring on the coffee, friends! 

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