Birthday stats

Every time we go out to celebrate a friend’s birthday, I always ask my birthday questions. Since I just had a birthday, I put myself on the hot seat.

birthday banner

Age: 38

Favorite books of the past year: The Mothers and Hannah Coulter 

Most listened to podcast: The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

Most listened to musician:  Dolly Parton or Indelible Grace

Meal I had the most that I’m sick of: spaghetti or tacos

Meal I’m still not sick of: cauliflower rice with onion, lime, cilantro, and pistachios

Most frequented park: Sardis Road Park

Most frequented store: HT fast lane or Target

Most frequented restaurant: Cafe Monte

Best trip of the past year: beach trip with Evyn and Sage last September

birthday cake

Favorite way to spend an evening: at home with Dave

Favorite Movie I watched with kids: The Queen of Katwe

Favorite movie I watched with Dave: The Big Sick

Typical bedtime: 10 pm

Typical wake time: 5 am

Proudest accomplishment: the return to homeschooling the big girls.

Biggest surprise: I started blogging again

Biggest struggle: parenting the various needs of our kids

Biggest time waster: my phone

Biggest time saver: Harris Teeter fast lane app

Heartache from this past year: saying goodbye to Ruth after her battle with cancer

Blessing from this past year: the adoption mamas wine and whine each month

Fear for the next year: how I’ll react to the everyday stress of homeschooling everybody

Prayer for the next year: to see God continue to bind our family together



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