ready or not

Five weeks. It’s time to put my head down, submit to the work ahead and push forward.

fall 1 planner

Today marks day one of our Fall 1 homeschool block. We greased the wheels this summer, but for now, it’s time to go hard until September 29.

What I’m looking forward to:

  • routine
  • the whole world being back to school so it’s not just us
  • earlier bedtimes
  • good books to share together
  • my new planner
  • Friday fun days with our homeschooling peeps
  • our history curriculum
  • time for family games
  • Emily Dickinson poetry focus

What I’m not looking forward to:

  • the first week of getting back to routine
  • tears during math and Latin
  • checking to see all work is completed
  • longer school days
  • how messy the house stays
  • pencils everywhere

fall 1 planning

All in all, I anticipate this year to be challenging but worthwhile. This will be the only year I will have all five kids together studying together. Clearly, I have to vary the intensity of the workload given the age of the child, but I like the idea of all of us tackling the same themes and subjects this year. My hope is to learn to enjoy this one piece life, working together toward a common goal.

And the first goal in sight is September 29. Buckle up.



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