Whose week is it?

Having a large family means that one on one time is at a premium. My kids eat up time with us solo but making it happen is tricky. A few years back good friends of ours shared their parenting trick to keep a rhythm. Weeks.

On a date with my boy at Brakeman’s

If it is “your week” you get all the blessings. You go out on a date out with mom and/or dad. You sit in the front seat. You choose the TV show. You choose the radio (if mom or dad lets you). You choose the first dessert.  You hold the remote. You get the idea.

We’ve been rocking this system for about 10 years now and though it isn’t flawless, it helps keep us accountable and makes for great memories. It’s a chance to have undivided attention with our kiddos and do something of their choosing.

Celia likes to go out for Chinese. Bennett wants doughnuts. Camilla wants cheeseburgers. Christian wants snacks and checkers. Emmie wants milkshakes. 

Sometimes we go to parks, to the library, on a special errand. It’s been a fabulous family tradition that has worked for our big family life.

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