book drought

I’ve hit a low. Most afternoon and evenings I recharge with books and seem to have the all-too-often experience of all of my library holds becoming available to me at the exact same time. But not this week.

I have hardly read a page. My mind feels the effect. I’m sluggish and full of fog. For the first time in years, I’m drawing a blank. I’ve gone back to old standby’s to re-read but just not being drawn in.

edited library

What we need is a trip to the library. Today, after we knock out our last assignment, we are piling in and heading over. I’m seriously hoping something catches my eye. Today is perfect reading weather, and I’m desperate for a good book.

I never knew how much I’d come to love the library system in our city. Regularly I’m shocked when I discover a friend rarely frequents their nearest branch. The public library is one of my most favorite parts of living in Matthews. It is a dream.

So we’re headed back again today. Anybody have suggestions for me?


2 Replies to “book drought”

  1. First Bite by Bee Wilson is so fascinating! It’s all about the human relationship with food, what healthy and unhealthy looks like, how we got there (from birth), and how to make real change to how we eat. I love it for me and I really love it for my children. She’s already touched on eating disorders, trauma, and adoption and I’m only in the third chapter.


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