Reading People

So I’ve always loved personality tests. But I’ve never really known what to do with the information other than adding it to the list of labels used to understand myself. Anne Bogel changed that for me. reading people book

Reading People jumps into several of the most common personality frameworks and cuts through all of the research overload to deliver the core strengths of each. Want help figuring out your morning routine? Head to the introvert/extrovert chapter. Want to process your junk and understand weaknesses? Head over to the Enneagram chapter.

Honestly, nuggets of insights abound. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Extroverts and Introverts brains actually work differently. “Scientists have discovered measurable physiological differences between the two groups.” Extroverts think quicker on their feet because they have shorter pathways to process information in their brain.
  • Places can have their own personalities and give off a more extroverted or introverted vibe.
  • One in five people can be classified as a highly sensitive person- meaning they have a highly sensitive nervous system. (ME!) This hardwired trait does not make us more emotional, but it does mean our nervous systems are more receptive to stimuli than those of the general population- and it can be on a scale. Clutter, noise, light, consecutive errands/ meetings/ appointments, information overload.
  • Jane Austen’s Emma is an ENFJ. Atticus Finch is an INFJ. I swing between these two types so that was fun.


Anne has given me insight into personality frameworks so I’ll know which to dive into more in I want, but just enough if I’m content to skim the surface and still walk away with a full understanding. I learned a lot about myself through reading this, but also about my family and friends….how they think, how they process information, why they need to structure their days the way they do.

 “I’ve come to think understanding personality is like holding a good map. That map can’t take you anywhere. It doesn’t change your location; you’re still right where you were before. But the map’s purpose isn’t to move you; it’s to show you the lay of the land. It’s the tool that makes it possible for you to get where you want to go.”—Anne Bogel

Reading People releases September 19. Definitely pre-order it now because you will get both the audio version and paperback and access to Anne’s “What’s your reading personalty?” class. This book is a gem, y’all.  If personality interests you at all, this is a must read.

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