A few words from Celia

It’s not always easy living this big family life. So Celia is here to share a few words from her perspective.

IMG_3668 (1)
Christian (7), Camilla (9), Celia (13), Bennett (11), and Emmie (6)

A few words on shopping with a big family: I usually don’t go when the whole family is shopping. Here’s why. We walk into the store. We get a cart. Emmie immediately wants to get in the cart but mom says no because she’s too big and the groceries won’t fit. So that’s the first meltdown and strike one goes to Emmie.

Moving down the main aisle and the other girls are bartering with mom about how many blessing bucks they have and how many they can turn in so they can veer off into lego land to shop alone. Strike two.

After the bartering, mom will look down and Emmie’s gone. Looking over her shoulder, she sees Emmie has a sleeve of a sweater of a mannequin in her mouth. Sweater removed, pep talk occurs (no goats allowed) and we move on. In the paper towel aisle, Christian has two toilet plungers banging around pretending to be a monster. Mom says he’s just being a boy. Strike three.

A few words on food in a big family: I get to buy things for myself now that the little kids are here because before they were here we had whole grain, healthy everything (including whole wheat pizza crust. big fail.) I like to buy candy and fast food even though I’m trying to save up for a new phone. When I take the food home, I immediately write my name on every corner of the package or else some one will steal it.

car trip

A few words on family car trips: About two hours before leaving, I always choose my seat. Even if it’s my week because Camilla will always sit in the back for a few pieces of gum. I put in my blanket, pillow, and book bag jammed with anything I may ever need in case of the Apocolypse plus a few pieces of candy.

When we get going, the littles always ask to watch a movie and Dad says not until we get on the long road (the highway). They still haven’t caught on. Christian is super sweet in the car once he quiets down. He lets Camilla rest on his lap but Emmie doesn’t want anyone or anything to touch her.

Mom always has her earbuds in, laughing at random moments because her podcasts are so funny but we have no idea what is happening. Dolly and Colonel are tetris-ing to find a spot safe from boys and free from book bags.

It’s a tight squeeze with 7 people and two dogs. I always try to sleep and pray for the best.

Ultimately I love my family. We’re loud and get on each other’s nerves, but we forgive each other and laugh and move on. I’m glad for this big family life.


2 Replies to “A few words from Celia”

  1. Love , love , love this girl and her writing style!! She is as talented as her Mama!! Enjoyed reading your perspective, Celia Kulp!! You are precious! – and what a role model you are for your siblings!! I wish you were my big sister!!


  2. Great family photo! Celia, you are a blessing for your family. Each of you have your own unique personality and I truly enjoy the time I am able to spend with all of you.


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