Block 1 stats

Today is the last day of our first school block! It is also that first time we will have a break or day off. Did we have Labor Day? no. Those random teacher workdays last week? No. We are all very excited about the week ahead with no alarm clocks or assignments. So I decided to look back on what we’ve accomplished.



  • Actually staying on schedule
  • Finally finding our flow
  • Emmie learning how to read many 3 letter words
  • Mom not saying many 4 letter words
  • Christian’s work ethic is off the charts amazing
  • Camilla can finish a math assignment in less than an hour now
  • Bennett found a writing curriculum she enjoys
  • Celia’s rocking 8th grade
  • We didn’t quit Latin
  • We’ve completed two read-alouds
  • Nature Study is actually happening once a week
  • We memorized some Emily Dickinson
  • The History Channel’s “America: The Story of Us” fits perfectly into our history content and Christian can relive the war scenes
  • The kids have banked countless hours playing gaga ball on the trampoline
  • book reports are happening
  • I’ve learned how to plan the weeks very quickly on Fridays
  • I’m checking their work daily, so no one is sliding under the radar



  • 3 cups of coffee a day is my norm and I wish it felt like enough
  • The countless arguments don’t seem to be improving as quickly as I’d hoped
  • We’ve all developed a terrible potato chip habit
  • nobody cares about the pencils everywhere
  • our history program is not my favorite
  • I have skipped spelling with Christian for 2 weeks in a row
  • I regularly think I might not make it til 1pm
  • I didn’t cook dinner for almost two weeks
  • missing everyday time with our bus stop friends

Honestly, I’m shocked at how well it’s going this year. I do not at all think it’s because I’m some magical guru or homeschooling, but the Lord has been very kind.

Schedule: The feel of everyone living on the same schedule has given us a natural arc to our day. Rather than starting and stopping with so many schedules, we all have learned to live this one-piece life. It’s absolutely messy and our mornings are hard as they should be. Work is hard. But it’s good and right.

Afternoon stress: We’ve traded our hard- from afternoons and evenings to mornings. This has meant our extracurriculars are not driving us crazy but bringing delight. For the first time ever, all 5 kids are involved in activities at the same time, and it doesn’t feel like too much. We generally have less day-to-day rush and stress.

Friendships: Emmie is still hurting in the friend department. I continue to pray that her little friendships grow. It’s slow and I’m learning, begrudgingly, that it’s probably her norm. She needs time. Bennett is doing well adjusting to her middle school classes, but it’s not easy to make space in that tight pack of friends for new kids. Thankfully there is another 6th grader in the bunch and they are working it out. I’m having to watch and wait and resist micromanaging. That’s not my strong suit.


Looking ahead: After a week off, we will begin Block 2 the second week of October and go hard again until the week of Thanksgiving. A 6-week push. I still need to work on adding fun to our weeks. We need to get out of the house more during school hours with still getting everything done. Our grammar study needs to take a break and we need to focus more on writing. Science needs to room to grow but Nature Study has been a delight.

All in all, I’m super proud of these kiddos. I hope next week brings a lot of laughter and rest and that we will be ready to go for Block 2. Seriously I’m so thankful for this crazy adventure!

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