I’m Mary, a banjo-playing pastor’s wife and mom of five. I love my church, my city, and my people.  My heart beats for foster care and adoption. I’m list keeper of books, podcasts, and questions. I stumbled into homeschooling, and I’m making it up as I go along.

I seek to follow Jesus, love well, serve others, read good books, and watch my kids play outside.  I grew up with the Indigo Girls and 90’s hip-hop.  I dance like Beyonce and hate long-distance running. I love stories with too many details and somehow remember everybody’s name.

I have a fondness for throw pillows and candles. My husband makes me laugh more than anyone on the planet. A big, brown dog is the heart of our home and we’re still hoping the white one doesn’t turn out to be a lemon.  I prefer sitting on the dock in the Lowcountry than a porch in the mountains. My kids drive me crazy at times, but I love them to depths I didn’t know possible.

I’m simply a work in progress.

This is just a glimpse into my nook and corner of the world.